Process OXALOR constitutes the industrial ecological solution with the treatment and the valorization of the rough household refuse.

Process 100% naturalness, 0% of liquid and gas rejections.

For processing and recycling municipal (household) solid waste.

OXALOR is an innovative industrial process permitting to transform raw municipal (household) solid wastes in order to recycle them.
Municipal (household) solid waste are collected in plastic bags and are directly treated without any pre-sorting phase.

After opening bags by shearing, municipal solid waste are homogenized.

Homogenized wastes are then mixed with a reagent mostly composted of burned lime (CaO) and of natural organic adjuvants. Water or liquid organic wastes (pig slurry, diluted slurry, liquid sludge) are also added in order to activate the required dewatering. .

Once dehydrated, municipal (household) solid waste pass through a confinement chamber  (thermo-adsorber) where dewatering is improving and sanitation occurs for approximately two hours. 

This transit in the thermo-adsorber will result in:
  • stabilizing the degradable organic fraction of municipal solid waste,

  • facilitating the phase of sorting organic and non organic fractions of dried wastes ,

  • allowing to mechanically sort the inorganic fraction of municipal (household) solid wastes under good hygienic conditions, in order to recycle and landfill what is appropriate,

  • permitting to improve the final product through classical mechanical processes.
This biochemical reaction, entirely natural, is mechanized through n 100% industrial process releasing 0% of liquid or gas in the atmosphere
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